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Custom Maps

Using animated 2-D and 3-D maps, combined with text, audio, and video, we provide clients with a powerful communication tool. Our animations and map-based videos inform, educate and bring geography to life.

  • Map and geographic video development
  • 3-D terrain animations: fly-thrus, fly-overs, and virtual tours
  • Integration of 2-D and 3-D animated maps with other video, audio, image, and text resources
  • Video viewer development for multiple internet and mobile platforms
  • Documentary-style period maps and map animations

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Case Studies

U.S. National Park Service
Olympic National Park fly-in movie

The multi-media production unit of the National Park Service Harpers Ferry Center contracted International Mapping to produce a series of animated 3-D maps of Olympic National Park. Ranging from fly-ins to complex layered animations, the segments were incorporated into the … More

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Kodiak Island National Wildlife Refuge fly-in movie

This dramatic fly-in from a view of the spinning Earth to the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska was used by the Fish and Wildlife Service as a part of an introductory movie for visitors.

Desert Publications
Santa Rosa-San Jacinto Mountains National Monument fly-by movie

International Mapping worked with Desert Publications, based in Palm Springs, to create an animated fly-by of the new Santa Rosa-San Jacinto Mountains National Monument in Southern California. The video segment was used in a visitor orientation movie.

U.S. National Park Service
Wilderness National Battlefield Map Movie

In producing a short documentary-style video for the new visitor center at the Wilderness National Battlefield Park, International Mapping integrated detail animated maps showing the progress of the battle with 3-D views of the terrain, live footage of re-enactors, and … More